Ziplining Through Kualoa

Ziplining, one of the great adventure activities that you could do out in nature. Literally zipping from end to end through rainforests and over streams. Picture yourself strapped in a harness, hoisted onto a cable, and then launched off a platform in the air jetting through a natural landscape at top speeds. That is the rush that is promised and very much fulfilled with ziplining.

Kualoa Ziplining takes you out to the well maintained Kualoa Ranch out on the North East side of Oahu. This generally area at Kualoa is where royal heirs to the chieftains throne would come to train and learn for when their time came to lead. What better way to see ancient sites of Native Hawaiian training then being thrust into a heart pumping adrenaline filled ride on a zipline! On this activity you will zipline through Ka’a’awa valley for a total of 7 runs. The runs start off at 200 feet lines and finish on a 1,320 foot zipline. Tours last 2.5 hours and are discounted at $118.

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Loa’a wale lā!