Movies Filmed at Kualoa

On the windward coast the Kualoa Ranch has 4,000 acres of paradise. To ancient Hawaiians, this valley was considered hallowed ground from the 13th into the 18th century for the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Oahu. In 1850, King Kamehameha III sold 622 acres of ranch land at Kualoa, and also the island of Mokolii to an American doctor named Gerrit P. Judd. Dr. Judd received special favors from the king because he translated medical journals into the Hawaiian language. By 1860, Dr. Judd purchased an additional 2,200 acres. Charles Judd, the doctor’s son, with Samuel Garner Wilder, his brother-in-law, built a sugar mill in 1863. The ranch was now a sugar plantation. By 1870, their sugar farming enterprise was brought to an end because of low rainfall amounts over the years. The sugar mill ruins remain and are still visible.

Charles bought more acreage and added 1,880 acres to the ranch in 1880. During World War II, the U.S. military used the ranch as Kualoa Airfield in 1941. After the war, the land was returned to descendants of Dr. Judd, the Morgan family. For decades, the rich beauty of Hawaii in the quiet and secluded setting of Kualoa Ranch has continued offering top film and TV production companies a prime location for filming. Only 45 minutes from Honolulu Airport and harbor shipping facilities, Kualoa is easily accessible.

Some of the most recent and memorable productions that have utilized Kualoa locations include: Hawaii 5-0 (TV, old & new versions) 1968-1980 & 2010 to present Jurassic Park, 1993; Godzilla, 2000; Pearl Harbor, 2001; Windtalkers, 2002; Tears of the Sun, 2003; Fifty First Dates, 2004; Along Came Polly, 2004; You, Me & Dupree, 2006; Battleship, 2012; Lost (TV), 2004-2010; The River, 2012; The Last Resort, 2012; Storage Hunters, 2013, and Hunger Games, 2013.

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